What is Your Wind Chill Today? Mesonet National Map. Plus “Ice Age Now” Book Review

It is very, very cold across the entire nation.  We have many days to go until the official end of winter, March 20th 2018.  According to Mesonet that factors in wind chill, at 8 am today, the temperature in Florida was 40F.  A quick glance shows a cold spot by Indiana and Ohio, with Ohio dipping to -7F.

Mesonet Wind Chill Map

How are you fairing in these non balmy season?  Snow in Atlanta.  20F and snowing in Houston.  What is next?  Comment below and post your stories.

Someone who thinks we are currently in a mini ice age is Robert Felix.  Earth cycles every 100,000 years with 10,000 of those years being relatively warm and stable.  We have been living in the latter, which allows civilization to bloom as we know it.  However, the other 90% of the time is quite rough and cold.  Here is the kicker – we are due for another ice age – now.

Recent interview with Robert Felix

Here are a few highlights from the interview, concerning his book ‘Ice Age Now. Not by Fire but by Ice‘:

  • all glaciers in Mount Shasta are growing; 2 have doubled in size since 1951
  • it is cold enough now for another Ice Age
  • more snow, which does not melt off in the spring
  • Seattle was covered with 4,000 ft of ice during the last Ice Age
  • the climate of Chicago moves to Atlanta
  • it is possible to survive another Ice Age, the problem will be food shortages.

What do you think?  Global warming or another Ice Age?  DailyFlash.TV will continue to post the latest developments one way or the other of what is actually happening out there.

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