Intelligence & Counterterrorism: National Security Challenges with NBC News and MSNBC

WATCH: Intelligence & Counterterrorism: National Security Challenges with NBC News and MSNBC LIVE Intelligence & Counterterrorism: National Security Challenges with NBC News and MSNBC

Thursday, January 18th, 2018 at 8:00 PM EST on 92Y

The national security experts and intelligence contributors of NBC NEWS – Juan Zarate, Michael Leiter and Malcolm Nance – will join Andrea Mitchell, NBC News’ Chief Foreign Affairs correspondent and host of MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell Reports, for a panel discussion about the national security challenges facing the United States, our evolving counterterrorism policy and the dangers facing the intelligence community around the world.92Y Live Stream

Highlights:  focus on terrorism, Russia and N. Korea

Topic 1:  Russian meddling in elections.  Status of congressional investigation

  • DHS has not been mobilized to secure the elections, such as Russian use of social media to sway the election
  • More than 20 states refused to participate in non-partisan with the non-partisan Election Fraud Commission, including Mississippi which is a red state
  • Russia & China are evading sanctions; are resurgent.  The Commission has since been entirely dissolved.
  • U.S. election systems have been hacked by the Russians, admitted by the FBI
  • These problems have been in the works for 8 years, not just a Trump phenomena

Topic 2:  There is Currently a Different Type of Warfare – Asymmetric Threats

  •  Russians, Chinese, Al-Qaeda, Hezbollah are using cyber-warfare, very real, a new domain and tactic
  • These attacks are not obvious.  Organized criminal networks and  shell corporations are fronts.  Actions are hard to prove

Topic 3:  North Korean Nuclear Threat

  •  This administration (U.S.) has added a sense of urgency.  Military option is being considered
  • Obama mentioned this was the biggest problem as turnover to Trump
  • Trump’s tweets are not helping, rather raising the rhetoric
  • U.S. use of nuclear weapons preemptively may cause catastrophic loss of life across U.S., Japan, S. Korea, N. Korea & China, not a good idea

Other topics include Iran, Syria, Israel & Palestine.  Too many issues to cover in 1 blog.

Although the concerns are very real, at least the conversation has started, broadcasted live and disseminated digitally.  DailyFlash.TV will keep an eye out on these issues and report back to our viewers as necessary.  For now, do install updates on smartphones, smart homes, computers, routers and firewalls.

Take a listen, leave a comment.  Let us know what you think.


1)  92nd Street Y Live Stream archive.

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