Karen Rose Mathews, PhD Discusses Modern Career Possibilities in Art History | DailyFlashTV

DailyFlashTV steps out of the studio to interview Karen Rose Mathews, PhD before her lecture at Books & Books, Coral Gables FL, March 28th 2018.

Karen Rose Mathews, PhD. (1995), University of Chicago, is an Assistant Professor of Art History at the University of Miami.

As evident from the interview, a career in art history or the humanities fits in nicely with today’s gig economy.  3D printing, designing a personal, virtual museum are all ongoing projects conducted by Dr. Mathews’ students at The University of Miami.  Many of our viewers may be deciding on a major, and feel pressure to pick something that pays the bills.  Dr. Mathews reiterates that her field of focus, Mediterranean Studies is brimming with activity and worldwide conferences year round.

Her latest book, ‘Conflict, Commerce, and an Aesthetic of Appropriation in the Italian Maritime Cities, 1000-1150’ is the focus of her lecture, recorded live at Books & Books, Coral Gables FL, March 28th 2018.

Dr. Mathews archived lecture via Facebook Live may be accessed by clicking here.

History repeats itself.

When asked how we can apply her studies today, Dr. Mathews replied that there were wars, different cultures and geographies but all parties maintained a mutual respect for one another.  Hopefully a portion of our audience will steer towards a career in the humanities. Perhaps by studying cultural identity, individual identity can be solidified as well.  Thank you, Dr. Mathews for a wonderful evening, your support of our global digital audience and a free copy of your book.  Available for purchase by clicking here.

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