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This article and interview with Ms. Raimondi is also available in a 2-part podcast: Podcast 1 and Podcast 2.

I had the distinct pleasure of meeting Ms. Raimondi 1-hour before her event at Books & Books 2 weeks ago, March 20th, 2018 in the Gables.  Appropriately, I had wanted to wait until Easter Sunday to write about her latest book, “Conversations with Mary – Messages of Love, Healing, Hope, and Unity for Everyone” published by Simon & Schuster.

Ms. Raimondi met Mary when she was 5 years old, playing in her garden at home.  She was encouraged to pursue this dialogue by her family, who is Catholic.  Yet a distinct point made by Ms. Raimondi in person and in her book is that it is made for any audience, completely open.  It is not a requirement to be Catholic.  In fact, Mary appears in a variety of religions, for example as mentioned in the Quran.

Ms. Raimondi’s biography clearly indicates that she is much more than gifted in the spiritual realm, and carries a powerful range of academic accomplishments as well:

As a motivational speaker, teacher, intuitive and author, Anna’s mission is to give others the tools they need to live their lives in joy, while following their souls’ mission.  Anna through her gift of intuition she brings wisdom and healing in from heaven as she provides others with insight, guidance and direction.  Among other accreditations, she holds a BA in Clinical Psychology, a M.B.A. and is a Hypnotherapist, Grief Counselor and Spiritual Counselor.  Her path has led her to teach, work with clients, facilitate retreats and present at seminars.  Anna was the host of a radio show on the Cox Radio called “Messages from Heaven.” She has written two books, “Talking to the Dead in Suburbia – An Ordinary Woman with an Extraordinary Gift” and “One with the Drum – A Journey to the Soul.”
Anna’s new book is, “Conversations with Mary,” (Atria Books, a division of Simon & Schuster).

Please take a moment to listen to her talk, recorded live and streamed on DailyFlash.TV’s Facebook page with her permission.  Beforehand, just a few words of the magic that occurred in that room.

Ms. Raimondi is a medium, so spirits were coming through, facilitated by her.  She told me that my grandmother, my dear “abuelita” who has passed was sitting next to me and that we have similar facial features.  My abuelita is always very close to me, likes it that I always talk about her, to keep her pillows out even though they look old and she would provide help as she wants me to write a book about her.  This entire time, I had goose bumps all over my arms and am so thankful for this precious reading.  I always knew she was close, this is the verification.  Another lady in the back looked up at a red book sticking out a bit with the title “Olga”, which is her mother’s name, who has also passed.  On it went, apparently it happens all the time during Ms. Raimondi’s events.  It is also possible to schedule a private reading, and Ms. Raimondi can be reached through her Facebook account.

Another fascinating phenomena is that I felt love, peace and warmth from the very first second, as I read her book.  Ms. Raimondi told me that everyone tells her that, and that is how Mary wants us to feel.  Additional highlights include:  evil exists in the form of fear – try not to be afraid, individual vibrational level increases through prayer, free will exists, ask for her help and guidance.  Hopefully, this will be enough to entice readers to watch her presentation.  Ms. Raimondi is much more than her biography, her book, she is a real person with a family.  Thankfully for us, she has a strong commitment to share her dialogue with Mary.

Finally, her book is very useful and down to earth.  Along with the Q&A with Mary, she offers specific prayers, meditations and a variety of other branches to begin this journey.

Please watch Anna Raimondi’s Lecture Streamed Live by DailyFlash.TV, click here.

Special thanks to Ms. Raimondi, for her time, expertise, free book and sharing the presence of my beautiful abuelita.  Order via Books & Books, support local book stores.

Happy Easter Sunday 2018!

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