Judi Harvest, Cross-Pollination: Honeybees and Murano Glass Exhibit at the Coral Gables Museum

DailyFlash.TV’s mobile journalism (“mojo”) squad has left the studio to relay interesting things to do to our national TV viewers.  Here, TV Anchor Warren Wright peruses through the Coral Gables Museum.  First stop, the Cross-Pollination: Honeybees and Murano Glass Exhibit by artist Judi Harvest.  Hurry in, as it departs May 20th, 2018.

Listen carefully, the buzzing noise in the video is from a recording of a bee hive continuously playing within the exhibit itself.

The beauty of the Murano glass itself is #worthit!  Natural sunlight illuminates the peppers and pomegranate in particular, to visually relay the message of preservation and protection.  Murano glass making must be preserved!  Unfortunately, the glass artists are being subjugated to cut-backs as cheaper imports from China flood the market.

In parallel, last year the U.S. lists a species of honey bee as endangered, citing a 90% population plunge since the 1990s.  As Warren mentioned, are we left to pollinate wildflowers, tomatoes and blueberries or leave it up to the bees.

Actually, Ms. Harvest chose the location of her bee colony next to the Murano factory, and began producing honey within 2 months.

To learn more about her amazing journey from her garden on the island of Sacca Serenella, Murano back to Miami, watch her Miami Herald interview.

Video Interview for 3/25/2018 Miami Herald story for exhibition at the Coral Gables Museum

Do not miss these 1,500 different glass seeds, plant and flowers created by Ms. Harvest in Murano glass. “I created these seed and plant works in Murano glass to further empahsize the sense of fragility of life and the search for beauty that underlies all my work.”, says Ms. Harvest.

Next stop, Sheltering Survivors exhibit.  Special thanks to the Coral Gables Museum for their special attention and behind-the-scenes guided tour!

Written and Produced by Tiwanaku LLC, in collaboration with TV Anchor Warren Wright © 2018 all rights reserved