Make the Displaced, Placed: Sheltering Survivors Exhibit at the Coral Gables Museum

The Coral Gables Museum is happily ensconced in palm tree lined beautiful Coral Gables, FL and appears far away from asylum seekers.  Yet the exhibit ‘Sheltering Survivors‘ contains a wall of pictures, from newborns to the elderly, that find themselves in a desperate situation lacking bare necessities.  This is why it is so important to reach out, get out of the familiar sub zero fridge equipped smart home and plan a visit.

The world can be a scary place.  Unfortunately, 65.6 million people worldwide are forcibly displaced, as of 2016, according to the UN High Commission.  What to do if one suddenly has nothing except what can be carried?  Hopefully a tent jacket will be nearby.  Yes, a fasionable tent jacket.  This fabulous 2-in-1 converts from a jacket to providing shelter as a tent.  This is just one of the many innovative designs showcased within this large exhibit.

DailyFlash.TV steps out of our Miami-based studio and goes “mojo” (mobile journalism) to keep our content fresh and on-the-pulse for our mainly millennial audience.  Come take a behind-the-scenes exclusive tour with us!  Special thanks to the Coral Gables Museum for your cordiality and allowing us to do this in the 1st place!

Watch our tour, come along with the experts! Actually step inside these tents, some can last for years and are equipped to provide water.  Do you have any ideas for innovative shelter?  Together, let us make the displaced, placed.  Comment below.

TV Anchor Warren Wright and Chief Curator Eliza Gonzalez | Seeking Shelter Exhibit

Seeking Shelter‘ fits into the goals of the Museum, as explained in our last video interview, below. DailyFlash.TV is honored to meet with John Allen, Chairman of the Coral Gables Museum in their tropical courtyard.  Mr. Allen explains that it is a civic museum, dealing with ecology and urbanism.  In fact, the Coral Gables Museum used to be the old fire house!  The permanent exhibit showcases the founder of Coral Gables, George Merrick among other leaders.  Particularly anyone affiliated with the University of Miami should take a hop, skip and jump over too, as the University is highlighted as well.  DailyFlash.TV highly recommends anyone to visit this family-friendly treasure, as in-person pays due justice for its beauty and mission.

TV Anchor Warren Wright and John Allen, Chairman | Courtyard, Coral Gables Museum

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