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The Bird Garden of Naples, FL is a non-profit rescue for wild parrots or parrots in need, such as being previously abused.  Keri Lohrman has dedicated her life to providing aid and love to these exotics.  It is definitely worth a trip to take her guided 2-hour tour, offered twice daily.

If it looks like I am very close to this macaw, it is because we are all led inside their giant cage.  Gorgeous macaws everywhere!

Here is another cutie, blast of red.

Ms. Lohrman made it a point to mention that parrots live to 100 years or more, so plans should be made as most outlive their owners.  In fact, she has parrots exactly in this situation.  They were purchased with the best intentions, and their owner simply could not take care of them, facing their own mortality.

Finally, I shared that we had our own adorable cockatoo while growing up, named Juliette.  Her Romeo drowned in the neighbors pool, so we adopted her.  Apparently, parrots are absolutely not good swimmers, so drowning is a very real hazard.  Good to know for those of us who own pools.

If you are thinking about owning a parrot, learn from the best and visit Bird Gardens of Naples.  Visit anyway, and bring your camera.  Family friendly, there were mostly children with parents and grandparents on the tour.  Please mention CODE: DailyFlashTV so Ms. Lohrman knows that we sent you.

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